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The Birthing Pool Inc.

Dark Moon Music devotes and donates a lot of time and energy to The Birthing Pool,

which is a Queensland registered not-for-profit incorporated association.

You can check the registration here.

We have an arrangement whereby we manage the Dark Moon Picnic Ground which is part of the lease that The Birthing Pool Inc holds for an area of Dark Moon Farm.

Beginning in 2018, in conjunction with local artists we have conducted an event series - Dark Moon Music Picnics - raising awareness for The Birthing Pool Inc. We record these performances and make them available to supporters who have registered as Patrons at

The numerous beautiful recordings in this series are recorded live at The Egg an outdoor event space within Dark Moon Picnic Ground.

Being a supporter costs only $1 per month which both gives you access to all the recordings AND free admission to the events if you can attend in person.

Dark Moon Picnic events are published here:

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