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Our Recording Product

Cosmic Cassettes


20 minutes of AAA audio


10am - 4pm Studio Time - recording live, all analogue to our vintage
MCI JH110 1/4 inch tape machine at 15ips
7 x 20min cassettes - individually dubbed with covers and basic printed J-Cards
3 Walkmans 
2 Blasters
Digital File (MP3 only) 

Re-supply (each)

5 Cassettes $120
Walkman and cassette $120 (minimum order 3)
Blaster and cassette $180 (minimum order 3)

Walkman and cassette $175
Blaster and cassette $245

Toft 2.jpeg


Our forward-looking and holistic approach to recording sound

comes from a studied understanding of aural space.

Creating a space within which music can happen is the most

important and overlooked ingredient in music production.

Our passion is being in the moment and preserving the undefined

essence of human performance in a live studio recording context.


Our rate is $200 per half day and we offer a discounted

recording rate of $100 per half day to our patrons.

Enquiries email

Become a patron for five cents a day.

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