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Parallel Lines

Weeks 1 & 2: Borrowing stolen music.

Welcome to an exploration of music sampling, appropriation and audio collage.

Reading in Library

This week's reading list

Chapter 23 - John Oswald – ‘The ethics of musical debt’ from Audio Culture; Readings in Modern Culture; Christopher Cox & Daniel Warner Editors, Continuum, (2004) Click Here

PP 1 – 3 ‘Variations 1’ Transcript - Best read while listening to the transcript.

Click Here


Extended reading & listening

Charles Ives - Playlist

Chuck Miller - "Dickie Goodman: We've Spotted The Shark Again"

Kembrew McLeod and Rudolf Kuenzli (eds.), Cutting Across Media: Appropriation Art, Interventionist Collage, and Copyright Law, Durham & London, 2011.

Listening to Music


Variations 01

Click here

Create a 1min cut up – using beat editing, pitch shifting & time stretching- from a popular song. Do this to explore the effects of time stretching, beat editing, pitch shifting and  to observe macro/micro structures in the song.

Creative ideas

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